Every Day with Jesus: Mar-Apr 2022


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Glory to Glory

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. But we’re not static when it comes to growth. We go from glory to glory in our walk with the Lord. Over the next two months we’re focusing on spiritual formation. That means looking at how we take responsibility as a disciple, to read Scripture and pray daily. We’ll see how we can learn to apply God’s Word to our daily decisions and digest God’s purpose for each of our lives.

It’s too easy to give away responsibility for Christian growth, and remain a helpless infant. How do you progress from the ‘milk’ of your first Christian steps, to the ‘solid food’ of confident discipleship?

Spiritual formation is the invitation to discover that we have the capacity to choose to grow as close to God as we want. Let’s take hold of God’s purpose and do the training to win your life’s race.

About the author

Micha Jazz has worked with YFC, Spring Harvest, the Evangelical Alliance and World Evangelical Alliance. He is a professional mediator, communicator and academic. Today he runs St. Cuthbert’s Oratory, a house of prayer, where individuals and groups enrich their walk with God through scripture and prayer.

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