Supporting your brothers and sisters in Christ

I’m excited to let you know that more than 3,000 new people are now receiving our daily Bible reading notes in the UK and many more are receiving them digitally across the world. This number is growing daily, meaning that more and more people are discovering or deepening their relationship with Jesus every day because of your prayers and financial support.

At the end of last year we asked for your support to take our highly acclaimed Insight series of books online. To be able to present their incredible, life-transforming content through an accessible digital platform that addresses the challenges of depression and anxiety, amongst many other emotional and mental health issues.

Your response has been overwhelming and has enabled this vital work to begin – and not a moment too soon, we are starting to emerge from the constraints of Covid-19 and many people are seeking to make sense of how they are feeling.

Like you, our vision is to see more people grow every day with Jesus. To provide support in the different contexts that people find themselves, and particularly to provide support to those who suffer persecution because of their faith. In some parts of the world, simply having the printed Word of God can be dangerous so being able to access the daily Bible reading notes in a digital form is often a life-line, quite literally, for those in these situations.

Last year nearly 5,000 Christians are reported to have been killed for faith-related reasons, with many thousands more living under this daily threat.

Through the organisations that we partner with who are working with the suffering Church worldwide, we have the opportunity to make Every Day with Jesus and Inspiring Women Every Day translated and available, in digital format, allowing easy and more discreet access for those where the printed version is not an option.

Whilst our partners provide advocacy and vital emergency aid, we can play our part by providing Bible reading notes to encourage and sustain them spiritually, helping them grow each day in their relationship with Jesus.

God has laid it on our hearts to make these digital daily Bible reading notes available to all, without cost and without barrier. We want these notes to reach to the very ‘ends of the earth’ so that anyone who needs them can use them without the fear of reprisal or retribution.

Can you give a gift today to provide the translations for your Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering for their faith?

A gift from you will provide these translated daily Bible reading notes into the hardest to reach places, supporting and sustaining the Christians living there and suffering for their faith.

Our promise to you is that Waverley Abbey Trust will continue to make Bible reading notes freely available in as many areas of the world as possible, helping people in whatever circumstance to live every day with Jesus.

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