Kingdom impact in our communities

The journey of Cleopas and his pal from Jerusalem to Emmaus is a familiar Bible story. But have you ever thought about the questions they wrestled with and the depth of their conversation that day?

They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them.” Luke 24:14-15

They must’ve walked for around two hours as they travelled the seven miles on foot. Doubtless there was more dialogue than we have recorded.

They wrestled with the biggest questions in life. Questions like:

  • Who was Jesus?
  • What happened to Jesus after he died?
  • Can we believe in angels and the supernatural?
  • Where is my place in this story?
  • What does it all mean?

They were trying to make sense of their lives.  And who turns up in the midst of their anguish?

Jesus himself.

He had all the knowledge, fixes, advice they could ever need. But Jesus chooses the way of grace, and empowerment. He simply walks alongside. He gently unpacks Scripture and helps them figure out life for themselves. He meets them where they are, as a listening ear, offering generosity of time, patience, kindness and biblical wisdom.

And perhaps that’s the most powerful example of chaplaincy we see in the Bible.

How chaplains impact communities

At Waverley Abbey Trust, we believe in the impact of chaplains in our communities. Just as Jesus came alongside his friends on the road to Emmaus, so too are chaplains walking alongside those in our communities.

Chaplains make a huge difference. A high street chaplain brings the love of Jesus in a practical, tangible way. They go into shops, making time to chat to retail workers who may spend 6 days-a-week working on their own. Chaplains are a presence to bring support and care to people out in the world as they carry out their jobs and daily lives.

And then there are the more traditional settings for chaplains – prisons, hospitals, schools. A chaplain is a vital connection in these settings for people facing discomfort, pain, confusion or fear.

That’s why we’re equipping students to learn to be the difference at Waverley Abbey College.

We have embarked on an ambitious programme to train hundreds of new chaplains across the UK and beyond. What’s more, they will be fully accredited with Waverley Abbey Ministries and fully recognised by Churches in Communities.

Our vision is to train more than 1,000 chaplains over the next 5 years.

Encouraged by their training and accreditation, chaplains will have the confidence to minister to people in all situations. They’ll feel equipped to speak to people in shops, bus stations, retail parks, and join people in their daily lives as they wrestle with the big questions.

Some chaplains will release peace to communities as they prayer walk the high street. Others will bring a listening ear, kindness and compassion in prisons.

Chaplains will bring hope and support in all walks of life, making an unmistakable Kingdom impact in our communities.

By donating financially, you’ll be supporting the training of these chaplains, as well as other vital ministries such as counselling, spiritual formation and leadership. Your gift will support the training of people choosing to be the Christian difference in their communities.

Will you be part of the vision to see more than 1,000 chaplains trained and released into our communities?

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