You’re a life-changer

It’s been a challenging year and we’ve been so grateful for you. Your support has made a difference to so many lives.

During the pandemic, your generosity has continued to bring much-needed hope. You have provided Bible reading notes to prisoners who have been living under even greater restrictions and free online resources for those who have wrestled with mental health and wellbeing struggles. Your support has been their lifeline over the course of the last difficult year.

Your support is transforming lives in prison

Your gift has provided daily Bible notes, Every Day with Jesus, for free to prisoners.

This is transforming their lives in so many ways:

  • Through Every Day with Jesus, prisoners are meeting Jesus from the Bible
  • Inmates are hearing God’s voice with a better understanding of the way He speaks
  • Prisoners feel God’s love for them. Your support says to offenders that you value their lives so greatly that you will gift them these resources

Your support is a tangible translation of God’s love. And it’s powerful.

One prisoner said: “God spoke to me through Every Day with Jesus. It opened my heart to a feeling, a love I’ve never felt before.

That’s the power of your gift!

Your support has enabled the provision of free online mental health and wellbeing resources

The global pandemic has had an impact on everybody. For many, it’s had a detrimental impact on mental health and wellbeing. There’s been a significant rise in the number of people reporting struggles with anxiety and depression, among other issues.

Our highly acclaimed Insight series is now available for free online, to everyone, providing critical information on a whole range of mental health and wellbeing issues. This can be an absolute life-line for those struggling with any of these challenges in their life right now.

With your continued support even more lives can be transformed

There is great opportunity to expand the reach of Every Day with Jesus and provide more resources to more prisons. Will you help make this happen?

With more people struggling from the impact of the pandemic, there’s a greater need than ever to have professionally qualified Christian counsellors and people equipped with counselling skills. We want our courses to reach a wider audience by filming and streaming them. Our vision is for our world-renowned courses to be accessible internationally.

Your generous support will make it happen

As we emerge from this pandemic, we pray that the ‘new normal’ for many will be a new found life in Christ – a life full of hope as they live every day with Jesus.

The need is still great and there are so many opportunities ahead to reach even more people both throughout our nation, and across the world.

We’re so grateful for your generous support, could you give again?

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