Cover to Cover Joel: Getting Real with God


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These helpful guides in the Cover to Cover series are ideal for group and individual study. Experience the reality of Bible events like never before and live through the inspiring lives of key characters in Scripture. Learn how to apply God’s Word to your life as you explore seven compelling sessions and gain a new depth in your Bible knowledge.

A timeless reminder to ‘get real’ about ourselves and God

The people of Israel were susceptible to distraction, self-centredness, forgetfulness and apathy. Despite the many times that God had stepped in and rescued them, they regularly took their eyes off God so God sent Joel to proclaim His message loud and clear: ‘turn back to God or there will be consequences.’

These seven insightful sessions remind us of how:

  • Calamities and earthly disasters can refocus our attention on God
  • Our need to repent and return to God is one that is ongoing
  • God can transform situations that are entirely out of our hands

Icebreakers, Bible readings, eye openers, discussion starters, personal application make this a rich resource for group or individual study.

About the author

Steve Bishop is a writer and speaker, and is actively involved at his local church where he fulfills a teaching role. He contributes daily devotionals for The Way: Christianity without walls (www.the, and has authored Finding a Place to Settle: The Book of Ruth – Learning to Find God-Gifted Identity (available at

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