Cover to Cover Jacob: Taking Hold of God's Blessing

Cover to Cover Jacob: Taking Hold of God’s Blessing


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These helpful guides in the Cover to Cover series are ideal for group and individual study. Experience the reality of Bible events like never before and live through the inspiring lives of key characters in Scripture. Learn how to apply God’s Word to your life as you explore seven compelling sessions and gain a new depth in your Bible knowledge.

Explore the life of Jacob – and learn how God never gives up on us.

As one of the patriarchs of the Old Testament, Jacob is perhaps best known for deceiving his twin brother Esau out of his birthright, and taking their father’s blessing for himself. But there is so much more that we can learn from Jacob and his experiences as a son, brother, husband and father. Through his struggles, mistakes and challenges, he learnt many lessons and allowed God to set him back on the path towards home.

Through these seven chronological sessions, discover:

  • more about the family tree that Jesus was born into
  • the power of persisting in prayer
  • how we can take hold of God’s blessings and purposes for our lives

Icebreakers, Bible readings, eye openers, discussion starters, personal application make this a rich resource for group or individual study.

About the author

Sarah Evans is a writer and teacher. She has taught in the Sunday school at her church for many years. She has written articles for Best of British and Woman Alive, and has more than fifteen letters published in national magazines and newspapers.

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