Cover to Cover Book by Book daily notes – Deuteronomy 13-34 ebook


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Waverley Abbey Trust is committed to enabling people to apply God’s Word to their everyday lives and relationship and the Cover to Cover range is a known and trusted part of our resources.

The Cover to Cover Book by Book daily notes aim to provided guided reading of the entire Bible over a five-year plan, and can be started at any time. The authors are experienced and trusted teachers who love God’s Word. For the Cover to Cover individual and study guides click here.

We pray that these notes will challenge your thinking and expand your understanding of the Bible and deepen your faith.

Bringing you deeper biblical understanding

Allan Harman, author and lecturer, takes us through Deuteronomy 13–34, where the rules for living in Canaan are spelt out to the Israelites. We will be challenged, as were they, to choose life through obedience to God’s call.

About the author

Allan Harman is an Australian, who after study at the University of Sydney, proceeded to Scotland for his theological course. He also studied at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. Allan has worked as a pastor in Australia and was Principal of the Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne for almost twenty years. He is now engaged in a writing ministry, while lecturing and preaching regularly. Allan lives with his wife Mairi in Victoria, Australia.

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