Cover to Cover Book by Book daily notes – 2 Samuel ebook


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Waverley Abbey Trust is committed to enabling people to apply God’s Word to their everyday lives and relationship and the Cover to Cover range is a known and trusted part of our resources.

The Cover to Cover Book by Book daily notes aim to provided guided reading of the entire Bible over a five-year plan, and can be started at any time. The authors are experienced and trusted teachers who love God’s Word. For the Cover to Cover individual and study guides click here.

We pray that these notes will challenge your thinking and expand your understanding of the Bible and deepen your faith.

Bringing you deeper biblical understanding

Ian Coffey opens up 2 Samuel to us which gives us not just a biography of a king with all his frailties, but a record of a man after God’s heart. This gives us hope as we realise passionate spirituality and frail humanity can and do live side by side.

About the author

Ian Coffey is Vice Principal and Director of Leadership Training at Moorlands College on the south coast of England. An ordained Baptist minister, he has been involved in church leadership for over thirty years. He has authored fourteen books and speaks at conferences and events in many countries. Ian is married to Ruth and they have four adult sons and a growing number of grandchildren. In both writing and speaking, his passion is to explain and apply the message of the Bible in everyday language.

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