Contemporary Chaplaincy – one year

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Our new Contemporary Chaplaincy course is designed to equip those serving or looking to serve in a broad range of community or church-based settings.

You might want to become a chaplain in one of the traditional settings, such as the NHS, prisons, schools, or armed forces. Or maybe you’re seeking to build a Christ-centred faith community at your gym, or at a local food bank, or among a specific people group.

In whichever context you’re looking to serve, this course is designed to equip you.

Our one year, part-time, online Contemporary Chaplaincy course qualifies you to become a Waverley Abbey Minister. When you successfully complete the course, you’ll be awarded the Waverley Certificate in Contemporary Chaplaincy.

With this accreditation and on completion of your placement hours, you can apply to become a recognised Home Office ordained minister in partnership with Churches in Community.