Contemporary Chaplaincy – one year

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Our new Contemporary Chaplaincy course is designed to equip those serving or looking to serve in a broad range of community or church-based settings.

You might want to become a chaplain in one of the traditional settings, such as the NHS, prisons, schools, or armed forces. Or maybe you’re seeking to build a Christ-centred faith community at your gym, or at a local food bank, or among a specific people group.

In whichever context you’re looking to serve, this course is designed to equip you.

It’s a one year, part-time, online course in Contemporary Chaplaincy course.

On completion of the course, students can apply to become an accredited Waverley Abbey Minister. This is a partnership between Waverley Abbey Ministries and Churches in Communities. The application is a separate discernment process after the course. It will assess the student’s experience and learning to date, which could lead to ordination after a successful post-graduation year in ministry.

Completion of the Waverley Certificate in Contemporary Chaplaincy also will enable students to explore chaplaincy in a number of ministry contexts.

These contexts fall under two main categories: Regulated (NHS, Prisons, Armed Forces)* and non-regulated (schools, retail, sports, private organisations, industrial, community etc).

*Students desiring to serve within the regulated sector will need to meet the specific assessment requirements of the relevant sector they are interested in. This can range from further qualifications (i.e. a diploma in Theology) to age limits (i.e. The Armed Forces).