Fear Not!

For many years your support has created lasting change in so many people’s lives. They have found hope, where all had been lost; they have found light where all they had known was darkness; they have been released from the things that would hold them from living life to the full and in the assurance that we have in our Saviour, Jesus Christ. All these things have happened because you chose to care.

This year we have all faced very unexpected challenges and experienced what it is like to live within a pandemic and lockdown. Yet despite the relaxation of restrictions over Christmas, it will certainly be very different for us all.

For many, Covid-19 is turning Christmas – already a time when so many traditionally face mental health challenges – into a season of despair rather than hope. In normal times nearly 10% of the UK population struggle with anxiety and depression, and this year has seen a rapid increase in the numbers facing mental health challenges because of this pandemic.

At Waverley Abbey we are responding to this challenge, seeking to support everyone who needs help. So we have committed to take our highly acclaimed Insight series of books online, presenting their incredible, life-transforming content on an accessible digital platform that addresses the debilitating challenges of depression and anxiety, amongst many other mental health issues.

Will you respond too? A gift from you TODAY will help address this mental health challenge, bringing healing and hope to broken lives.

Your support will help people like Sandra, an NHS worker who caught Covid in March this year and is now slowly returning to work. She still has breathing problems and pain in her heart and lungs. ‘Nothing can prepare you for the impact of Covid. It affects how you feel about yourself, your work and friends. It’s a struggle not to become just another victim.’

Your support will also help people like Mary who feels that, ‘Whilst I’m not physically alone, I still feel very lonely. I try to keep positive and strong, but end up feeling terribly sad and overwhelmed.’

Your gift of just £10 will reach far beyond this pandemic. It will provide real support for many years to those who silently struggle within.

Our second significant response to this challenge is to create a counselling service, delivered by professional counsellors who have graduated from our highly respected Waverley Abbey College. These gifted counsellors are strategically placed in all areas round the UK so really can support at the point of need.

Both these opportunities will provide much needed help to the mental health crisis that is facing the UK, which is why I am asking for your help this Christmas.
Your gift you will:

  • Bring much-needed resources to those who are struggling
  • Help to establish a high-quality Christian counselling service
  • Ensure valuable material is available on a number of easily accessible platforms to help and encourage everyone

Over 365 times the Bible declares ‘Fear not’. They were the very words the shepherds heard on that first Christmas night. Together we can announce to those struggling with their mental health: fear not, for God is with us; He is our hope; and through Christian care, practical and professional help will be available.