Bringing the love and hope of Jesus

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Christmas appeal so far. We’re so grateful! There’s still time to give if you’d like to.

Your support has created lasting change in many people’s lives, providing hope and freedom in place of brokenness, sharing Jesus and building His Kingdom, bringing transformation to people and communities.

At Christmas time, more people hear about Jesus than at any time of year, as we celebrate his birth.

During the Christmas season you might have heard about ‘Christmas spirit’ and being filled with the joy of the season.

But Jesus didn’t leave us with Christmas spirit.

He left us with the Counsellor, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. This Christmas and beyond, we’re praying for Holy Spirit breakthrough in our prisons and local communities.

A gift this year will partner with the work of the Holy Spirit in renewing minds and changing lives, especially to those in prison. If you’d like to give, please click the link below:

Here’s how you can encourage the move of God in prisons and beyond…

Breaking the chains of destructive beliefs

Around 80% of crime in the UK is drink or drugs related. The root cause of many crimes are addiction, shame, anger, anxiety, despair. In many ways, those destructive beliefs can be accentuated in prison, where a person is isolated, behind bars, and with limited support from family or friends.

But Jesus seeks out the lost and lonely.

A chaplain at one of the London prisons reported this year that free copies of Every Day with Jesus are “eagerly awaited by many prisoners.” In response to a donation of 50 copies of Insight books on Anger, Shame and Self-Acceptance, the chaplain said “you have no idea how well these types of books are received.”

By donating to equip prison chaplains with Bible-reading notes and Insight books, you’re partnering with a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. It’s His work that brings true transformation, breaking the chains of destructive beliefs, freeing people of anger, shame and addiction, and freeing society of crime.

Building Christ-centred communities

But the pastoral role of a chaplain isn’t limited to prisons.

Imagine local communities with their own chaplain, providing non-judgmental support and spiritual guidance where appropriate. Chaplains carry Jesus into all walks of life; a gym, a local shopping centre, schools…

With your support, we’re building a movement of Waverley Abbey Chaplains. These chaplains will be equipped and qualified to serve in any area of life, bringing the love and hope of Jesus to a vast array of diverse communities.

Who receives your Christmas gift?

This year, Winchester Prison Chaplaincy organised a Christmas Carol Service broadcast in at least 50 prisons on Christmas morning.

Your gifts made the Carol Service happen and provide more than 500 copies of ‘The Way’, ‘The Way Home, and ’40 Days with Jesus’ in Winchester prison.

Your generosity continues to support prisons nationwide with free copies of Every Day with Jesus and Insight books, but more than that, you’re equipping people to learn to be the difference through Waverley Abbey Chaplains and Higher Education courses.

With well-trained, spirit-filled people serving in chaplaincy, counselling, leadership and elsewhere, God’s Kingdom multiplies by the impact of each and every person. Your generosity supports this entire ministry.

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We’re so grateful for your support, as a generous and faithful donor.

We’re thankful for you and your commitment to seeing the growth of the Kingdom.

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