Cover to Cover Advent: Unexpected Jesus




During advent season, we often sing, “Come thou long-expected Jesus…”.

We put up the same decorations, sing the same carols, lay out the same creche; we imagine what it was like to welcome Jesus into the world on that silent night. So peaceful. So lovely.

But what if everything was not as it seems? What if Jesus actually challenged everyone’s expectations of what a Messiah would be like, how he should arrive, what he would do? What if he was born in a house with a family, in a noisy bustling town and not a quiet stable? What if he was more interested in those who were outside the religious and social establishment than those who were in it? What if looking closely at the scriptures overturns our expectations of advent and Christmas in a way that changes us forever?

About the author

Anna Robbins serves as President of Acadia Divinity College, and Dean of Theology at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she has been on faculty for seven years. She served previously on the faculty of the London School of Theology for twelve years, after completing doctoral studies in Aberystwyth.

Anna has an international profile in theology and apologetics, ethics, and contemporary culture. She is sought after as a speaker and teacher, with a passion to help people engage matters of faith and contemporary culture, with justice, innovation, academic rigour, and joyful expectation.

Anna is married to Peter, and they live in Wolfville, NS with their son, David.

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