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Bouncing Forwards by Patrick Regan has been chosen for the Big Church Read. Here’s what you need to know. The Big Church read is all about journeying through the book with the author, and then meeting in-person or online to talk about what they have read. Click here to find out more.

‘You’ll bounce back…’

How many of us have heard these well-meaning words when faced with mental or physical health challenges, trauma or the loss of dreams? And yet, life’s battles can leave us scarred and changed. Why would we want to go back when what we’ve been through has taught us so much?

It’s time to bounce forwards instead.

In Bouncing Forwards Patrick draws on his own journey of making peace with his on-going anxiety, to look honestly and vulnerably at the temptation to wait for the day when all will be well whilst missing out on what’s happening in the here and now. Exploring resilience, acceptance and emotional agility, Patrick shows how we can find meaning in some of life’s toughest moments and the hope to journey on.

Also included is a bonus devotional by Diane Regan, ‘A Resilient Life’.

Patrick Regan OBE is Co-Founder of Kintsugi Hope. He is author of six books and speaks regularly on TV and radio on issues of faith, justice and wellbeing.

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Kintsugi Hope is hosting the Bouncing Forwards Tour in various locations around the UK. To find out more visit


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