Your gift, your community, your impact

I am so grateful to you for being part of the Waverley Abbey Trust community. Your generosity and support is making such a difference. People, young and old, are being lifted from places of despair to new lives of hope and happiness because you cared.

Autumn always seems like a season of change, particularly for children and young people as they embark on another rung in their ladder of education. However, the last 2 years have brought fragmentation. Young people have struggled with enforced online learning and have missed their friends.
Yet the cloud of COVID-19 still lingers on their lives and school pupils face mental health challenges caused by repeated lockdowns.

Supporting teachers to help our children

Waverley Abbey Trust has supported Christian teachers for many years with resources and encouragement to impact the lives of the children they teach.

Right now, we’re holding exciting talks with partner organisations to ensure that these resources remain accessible to teachers and those working in religious education. Waverley Abbey Trust has the opportunity to create a product which will help teachers to support school children with mental health issues. I see this as an important step in equipping teachers to help our young people both in education and pastorally.

Will you help today?

The impact of COVID-19 on the education system has been significant. Children and teachers require considerable investment to provide the support that they urgently need. We currently don’t have the funds. So, I’m seeking your help to make these much needed resources readily available to all schools.

Your gifts will also help people everywhere to live every day with Jesus. Whether that’s keeping the College running so that people can take powerful courses and become godly agents of change throughout society. Or providing Every Day with Jesus to people in need of hope in prison. Or preparing new resources to help battle the rising challenge of mental health issues in this country.

You really do make a difference as you personally participate in growing God’s Kingdom. You’re helping people connect to Jesus in new and impactful ways. You’re giving people the opportunity to know Christ and experience fullness of life.

Thank you for considering a gift this autumn. Your gift will be used to fund our entire mission and ministry. Whatever you’re able to give I want to thank you so much for changing lives and helping people all over the world live in the freedom of a new life with Christ.

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