Anthem for Life


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Anthems resonate. An anthem will stir your soul and rouse your spirits. It’s a song you return to again and again to re-centre yourself and uplift your disposition. What would you adopt as your Anthem for Life?

In Anthem for Life, Murray Watts will help you to see life through the lens of Psalm 23 and upgrade your view of the world. With these lyrics for life readers will find an anthem that resonates through the ups and downs of life, with the melodic accompaniment of enduring hope.

Find out if this is the song your soul needs…

About the author

Murray Watts is best known as a critically acclaimed playwright and screenwriter. He is the writer of many screenplays which include The Dream, (BBC 2), the feature film The Miracle Maker (BBC/S4C/ICON), and KJB – The Book That Changed the World (1A PRODUCTIONS/DISCOVERY CHANNEL/BBC SCOTLAND). He has also written and directed many plays over the last 40 years, including the award-winning The FatherlandHe is currently the screenwriter for several feature films in development, including Power and Glory, a film about Michael Faraday. Murray is the founder and director of The Wayfarer Trust, an international arts charity offering support and encouragement to people in the world of arts and media ( He lives at Freswick Castle in the far north of Scotland, which is a haven for visiting artists from around the world (

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