Amazing Agents of God: Outstanding Operations


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Who is your favourite secret agent character? Would you do something courageous for God? Are you up for tackling any outstanding operations

There are many exciting stories in the Bible of men and women who agreed to do outstanding missions for their boss (God). Read the mission reports of some amazing biblical agents, such as:
• Agent John the Baptist – a man whose mission was to prepare people for the arrival of Jesus
• Agents Puah and Shiphrah – two ladies who risked everything to save the the lives of many babies
• Agent David – a young shepherd boy who fearlessly killed a giant, and later became the king of Israel
• Agent Mary – a close friend of Jesus who loved to listen to Him speak
• Agent Elijah – a man who bravely told the rulers of Israel what God thought about them and their actions

So enjoy these fascinating agent reports, and maybe you will be inspired to become an amazing agent of God too!