Amazing Agents of God: Megatastic Missions


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Do you dream of being a special agent?

Could you undertake a megatastic mission?

Would you like to make a big difference for God?

The Bible is full of amazing agents (ordinary people!) who courageously accepted missions for their boss (God). Read about some of these inspiring and exciting role models, such as:

  • Agent Joseph – a young lad who had a tough start in life, but went on to save his nation from starvation
  • Agent Esther – an orphan who became a queen and saved her fellow refugees from disaster
  • Agent Peter – a young man who acted first and thought second, but God used him to heal people
  • Agent Mary – a teenage girl who bravely agreed to become the mother of Jesus

So get stuck into The God Files, and find out how you could become an amazing agent of God too!

About the author

Andy Robb is an established, award-winning children’s illustrator and writer, with over forty books to his name. He is passionate about producing books that help children understand who God is and how to live life God’s way.

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