Amazing Agents of God: Extraordinary Exploits


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Would you like to be assigned a special mission? Do you dream of carrying out extraordinary exploits? Do you want to be one of God’s agents?

In The God Files (the Bible) there are many reports of amazing agents who undertook special missions for their boss (God). These agents were just ordinary people who became inspiring role models like:
• Agent Deborah – a remarkable lady who was one of the judges of Israel and helped to win a significant battle
• Agent Moses – a baby rescued by a princess, who grew up and freed his people from slavery
• Agent Hannah – a woman who was desperately sad, but then God answered her prayers!
• Agent Samuel – a young boy who heard God’s voice and grew up to be a great leader
• Agent Philip – a follower of Jesus who took routine tasks and supernatural travel missions in his stride

So get reading these agent reports in this special dossier and find out how you too could become an amazing agent of God!