Why your support matters

Without prayer and financial support, Waverley Abbey Resources and College would not exist. The team, the resources, the venue, the volunteers, the tutors, the authors, the teaching – it is all made possible by the generosity of our supporters.

Your support helps us to:

  • Produce daily Bible reading notes that are read by hundreds of thousands of people daily around the world
    ‘I want to give thanks for Every Day with Jesus and its insight. I am so grateful for life now.’


  • Send more than 60,000 resources into prisons in the UK and Australia every year
    ‘Daily readings are an important part of my faith here and I only wish I had read more in the past. God is truly blessing me with “freedom”, despite being behind bars.’


  • Create church programmes that are responding to current issues facing Christians today
    ‘Paraclesis is becoming part of our culture. As a church we want to commit to coming alongside others – being there for them and helping them heal. Paraclesis will form part of who we are in the future.’ – Church using Paraclesis: Journeying Together


  • Run campaigns such as ‘Pay it Forward’, where we gave gift subscriptions of daily Bible reading notes to those who needed them most
    ‘I was not far from taking my own life, nobody knew how to help. Eventually one of my friends turned up with a copy of your notes. Reading them taught me to look at all my difficulties as an opportunity and try and go through them rather than around them. I am delighted to say that my initial crisis is now over.’


  • Run a beautiful venue with valuable space for courses, churches, charities and businesses to use the whole year round
    ‘My weekend at Waverley Abbey House has brought Jesus into a wonderful reality and given me greater knowledge of the work and wonder of the Holy Spirit.’


  • Subsidise Waverley Abbey courses so we can keep costs low and welcome as many as people as possible
    ‘I feel more of God’s love, and know that I have crossed a line from the past and am now moving to the future’ – Inspiring Women weekend course
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