Free bible reading notes

From January 2021 Every Day with Jesus and Inspiring Women Every Day Bible reading notes are being made available digitally for free worldwide, and by post in the UK also for free. God has called us back to the original vision of CWR to provide these notes to everyone who needs themregardless of their circumstance or ability to pay.  We hope that this will help many people gain access to this valuable resource. 

It is our desire to see these daily bible reading notes used more widely, to see Christians grow in their relationship with Jesus on a daily basis and to see Him reflected in their everyday living.  

Can you support our ministry?
Clearly there are costs to provide this ministry and we are trusting
in God’s provision.  Could you be part of this vision? Do you have the desire to see lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus? A regular donation, by direct debit, will help us achieve this vision, giving hope to someone in desperate need whilst you too grow deeper in your own relationship with Jesus. 

Every Day with Jesus

Join thousands of readers around the world in encountering Jesus every day. These Bible reading notes will bring revelation and encouragement to you in your walk with God, and will help you to draw closer to Jesus and centre each day on Him.

Inspiring Women Every Day

Boldly move forward as a woman of God every day. Written by women for women, these popular Bible reading notes speak encouragement and wisdom into day-to-day life and all it entails. Be strengthened, challenged and empowered each day.

Mary recently wrote saying “I just want to say how much I have appreciated Every Day with Jesus. My husband has some very serious medical problems and, on top of this, has dementia. Since the lockdown, his dementia has worsened considerably and we have been unable to go out, obviously no-one is allowed to visit us, so the full responsibility of care falls to me. Thankfully, with Every Day With Jesus, I have been able to grab a few moments of blessing and peace each day, knowing that our Lord is fully within my situation and is walking the walk with me 

More than 60,000 copies each year are delivered into prisons too and our vision is to grow this ministry even further, putting these notes into the hands of those in challenging situations and to see their lives transformed through a new and growing relationship with Jesus. 

David, an exprisoner said “Thank you so much for your generous gift of Every Day With Jesus. Whilst in prison each issue spoke to me where I was emotionally and mentally at the time. Each copy helped me to feel loved, despite all my sin and rejection. Its not that I’ve never been loved, I’ve just never allowed myself to feel it. Now love has filled me up and overflows out of me. I thank God for your work, because, by your work, gifted from God, you’ve helped another sinner for which I’ll be eternally grateful”. 

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