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What a life to live 

Join thousands of readers around the world in encountering Jesus every day. 

Find revelation and encouragement through Every Day with Jesus, a world-renowned Bible reading notes publication. With readings, thoughts, prayers and actions to take, you as a reader will be enriched in your faith and see its impact in all areas of life. 

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Where it all began 

It all started when a faithful church leader responded to the call of his congregation to help them with reading the Bible. Writing his notes on the back of a postcard, Selwyn Hughes had little idea of how this ministry would grow. Every Day with Jesus was born. 

In 1965, the first edition was printed and given away meaning that anyone who wanted it had an accessible way to read the Bible and turn to Jesus. This was the heart and vision, and it continues to be the ethos of Every Day with Jesus. 

In 2006, taking the publication into its next phase, Mick Brooks took on the role of Consulting Editor. His valuable input meant that the messages originally written by Selwyn was able to be updated in accordance with the times.  

Now is the time

In 2020, Every Day with Jesus reaches a new landmark in its journey. As the Covid-19 pandemic shifts society, the need for people to engage with God’s Word only becomes more apparent. Seeking to continue the mission to equip people to live every day with Jesus, Dr Micha Jazz will now be the writer for Every Day with Jesus. 

As Micha saysIt’s a great privilege to be asked to write the world-renowned Every Day with Jesus. I hope that you will join us in this new season of the Every Day with Jesus journey and reach new depths in your relationship with our Lord. 

Wita deep passion to see people encounter God in their every day, Micha brings fresh thoughts and reflections to Every Day with Jesus from January 2021. 

Every Day with Jesus for Free 

As of January 2021, Every Day with Jesus is being made available for FREE in the UK. 

There are countless stories of how lives have been changed, faith strengthened and hope renewed through using these Bible reading notes.  

Now, God has prompted us to provide these notes to everyone who needs them, regardless of their circumstance or ability to pay. You can sign up for your free Bible reading notes today.

Become part of the story 

Through Every Day with Jesus, many people are seeing transformation in their lives like never before – and we don’t want anyone to be restricted from this because of their financial means. 

Clearly there are costs in providing this ministry and we are trusting in God’s provision. Could you be part of this vision? Do you have the desire to see lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus? 

A monthly gift of just £2 via Direct Debit would make a huge difference. Enable Bible reading notes to be put into the hands of people in desperate need while you too grow in your own relationship with Jesus.  

Donate today and sign up for free Bible reading notes for yourself too.

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