• on December 13, 2018

Bulk Discount

If you’re buying 10 or more books, of the same title,  on behalf of a church or as an individual, you can qualify for a discount! The discount structure is as follows:

Quantity of books boughtDiscount
1 - 9 booksN/A
10 - 24 books10%
25 - 49 books15%
50+ books20%

This does not include the Cover to Cover Bible Study offer where you buy 5 or more of the same title and automatically get 20% discount

Other Exceptions
Discounts are not currently available on purchases of courses, subscriptions,and titles on Special Offer or in our Sales (such as our Winter Sale, our January Sale and so on). We reserve the right to add to or change this list of exceptions, and to vary the rate of discount offered. ‘Quantity of books bought’ refers to books bought in a single purchase.

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