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Waverley Abbey College’s international Christian counselling courses have been developed over a number of decades and are based on the pioneering work of the late Rev Dr Selwyn Hughes and his association with Dr Larry Crabb. The highly acclaimed Certificate, Diploma and Degree Courses in Christian Counselling that Waverley Abbey College run in the UK have over the years been substantially refined and developed. The current 120-hour Introduction to Christian Counselling and Pastoral Care Programme was originally known as the International School of Christian Counselling (ISCC) – a one-week programme that attracted many hundreds of students in locations around the world. We run counselling courses in both Singapore and Cambodia.

We also run day courses from our Singapore bases.


The uniqueness of Waverley Counselling Modules in Asia:

Biblical foundations and Christian anthropology
Waverley Abbey College Asia’s counselling training begins with the development of a clear biblical exploration of the nature of people and the roots of human problems. By asking, ‘How does a Christian understand what it means to be human?’, course delegates begin to be able to address personal struggle.

Personal transformation – reflective practice
The counselling training has an intentional focus on the individual counsellor or pastoral carer. The modules develop greater self-awareness through application of the principles being taught; personal reflection; written reflective practice, and discussion in small groups.

Integrating the Waverley Counselling Model with other Theories
All our training programmes consider how the Waverley Model can be integrated effectively and helpfully with other contemporary counselling theories without comprising the distinctive Christian roots. A number of well-known alternative counselling models, and interventions, are introduced in later modules of the programme because of their compatibility with the Waverley Counselling Christian viewpoint.

Counselling Skills
Students find the counselling skills to be both powerful and enriching in their relationships, workplaces and daily lives. Developing a high level of competence in counselling skills is a priority of the training programme. Interactive teaching, tutor role-plays, and small group work give students opportunities to hone their skills. Tutors are always on hand to feedback and evaluate.

The personal development of students’ interpersonal and counselling skills throughout the programme is encouraging to observe with every new course.

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