Eat, Pray, Share – for individuals and small groups

      Course description

      Come afresh to Jesus’ table

      Jesus invites us to eat, pray and share together in His Holy Communion. But why do we celebrate Communion? Has it become a ritual of remembrance or is it something more spiritual – the renewing of a covenant?

      This five-session course will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Last Supper, and its importance and significance in our daily lives.

      Filmed in a variety of locations these insightful sessions are presented by Mick Brooks in a conversational, engaging way, as he explores five key aspects of Communion:

      – Community
      – Commemoration
      – Covenant
      – Celebration
      – Commitment

      Purchasing this course will give you access to these 5 sessions, and to the accompanying booklet which includes discussion starters, prayers and five weeks of Bible-reading notes. A personal copy is recommended for each participant on the course, and a pdf is available to download in the resources tab when you purchase the course.

      Please note: this course is optimised for viewing on a desktop computer or laptop.


      6 Lessons


      Session 1

      Session 2

      Session 3

      Session 4

      Session 5