An Insight Into Self-Esteem Course for Individuals

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    This 4 session course will lead you through an exploration of the importance of self esteem and how as christians it is rooted in our relationship with God.

    Self-esteem has become one of the most used terms in popular psychology, beloved of women’s magazines, self-help tomes and tea-break quizzes. But to allow it to remain in such a domain is to dismiss its value as one of the prerequisites of an emotionally healthy life: a life lived to the full, as God intended.

    The way we feel about ourselves largely determines the way we behave and relate to other people. The level of worth or ‘esteem’ we ascribe to ourselves directly impacts almost every moment of our daily life and every area of it; our relationships, expectations, goals, learning styles and world-view all draw their reference points from our level of self-esteem.

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    29 Lessons2h 40m 42s

    Session 1: What is Self Esteem?

    Session 2: How Self Esteem Develops

    Session 3: How low Self Esteem affects our relationship with God.

    Session 4: Improving Self Esteem


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    Suitable for:

    • Individuals