Cold Cups of Tea & Hiding in the Loo

Parenting is a huge privilege but it’s also challenging. By sharing honestly about her experiences as a parent, Annie, with contributions from her husband Pete, invites other parents to do the same: to have honest conversations about the good and bad days of looking after children. Whatever age your child, this book will remind and encourage you that parenting can be a mixture of joy, worry, frustration, tears, laughter and love.

However, when we share and connect with each other, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief that none of us (unlike Mary Poppins) are practically perfect as human beings, never mind as parents. Annie’s openness about parenting is both reassuringly relatable and very funny, and provides a much needed reality check in the midst of the pressure to do it all. So choose vulnerability and have deeper conversations with friends, family and God – even if they do take place over cold cups of tea!

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