Discussion Starter section 4

In what way did Eli try but fail to be a good parent?

Why were the Israelites defeated and the ark captured?

What do people like Hannah, Manoah’s wife, Saul and Jephthah have in common?

What does Samuel’s choice of David teach us about God and man?

In what way did Jonathan and Michal show similar courage?

From Psalm 19.7–11 what different words are used to describe God’s Word?

How does the story of Nabal reflect one of Jesus’ teachings?

What distinguished David from his men at Ziklag?

Why did God strike down Uzzah?

What is the central message from the story of the recovery of the ark?

What does the story of Michal’s barrenness teach us?

Why did God allow a good man like Uriah to die?

How did David’s failure to follow God’s laws bring his own downfall?

In what way are Absalom’s attempts to see Joab similar to some conversion experiences?

What deep issue caused Ahithophel to commit suicide?