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40 Days with Jesus is based around a particularly successful teaching series that we did at KingsGate following Easter 2012. For nearly twenty years we had seen lots of guests come to our Easter services, many of whom had given or recommitted their lives to Christ. However, many more viewed this as a one-off event, and would wait to come back at Christmas or the following Easter! So we decided to do something different. Instead of having Easter Sunday as a stand-alone celebration, it was earmarked as Part 1 of a series entitled ‘40 Days with Jesus’.


As we focused on Jesus not only did faith arise from the wonder of the resurrection, but the living Christ revealed Himself to many of us in fresh ways by His Spirit. Many people came to Christ, and many people came back to Christ. Our hope is that many other churches will also experience this as they go on the 40 day journey.


Over six weeks, explore the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus and the remarkable way in which He changed the lives of those He encountered. Each week, explore a different facet of life lived with Him:

The six weeks are titled:

- A life transforming encounter (Mary Magdalene)
- An eye opening journey (the Emmaus Road)
- When Jesus comes in the midst (the disciples and Thomas)
- Overcoming Failure (the seven by the sea)
- Made for a mission (the disciples on the mountain)
- Final preparations (the Ascension)