Frequently asked questions

When should I start 40 Days with Jesus at my church?

40 Days with Jesus was originally run as a post-Easter teaching series but it can be used at any point during the year. In 2014 many churches, like KingsGate, chose to start the series on Easter Sunday, enabling them to invite Easter guests to explore the accounts of the risen Jesus for themselves. Some churches started it the week after Easter, whilst others are just starting it now!

How can I get the best out of 40 Days with Jesus?

We highly recommend that you set aside the full 6 weeks to journey together as a church family or as a small group. There is something about focusing together on a particular topic, supported by multiple resources that helps people grow in their personal relationship with God. We have therefore worked hard to create multiple resources, allowing everyone to learn together, not just on a Sunday, or at a small group, but every single day of the week.

Can I duplicate / photocopy the resources for other members in my church or small group?

The sermon outlines, small group videos and small group studies can all be duplicated or photocopied for free. The 40-day devotional should not be photocopied.

Can I edit the resources?

Absolutely! We've purposefully posted the small group studies and sermon outlines as Microsoft Word documents so that you can download them and shape them to fit your church congregation.

Are the small group videos available on DVD?

If you are unable to stream the small group teaching videos and require a DVD please email hello@40days.info and we will try and create a copy for you.

Terry Virgo

'Few passages from the Bible can compete with the exhilaration and excitement of Jesus’ resurrection appearances. Dave has penetrated these wonderful accounts and presents them with real pastoral skill and evangelistic zeal.'